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  Peter Stark is very active in local development and planning, as well as City, Metro and Multnomah County politics. He is the past President and currently serves on the Board for the Central Eastside Industrial Council and is Vice-Chair of the Central Eastside Urban Renewal Advisory Committee. Under his leadership and his drafting of the "Evolution of an Urban Industrial District" in 2000, he helped start the perception (and transition) of the district from traditional industrial to a mixed “urban” industrial district. In 2008, he was responsible for directing the Central Eastside’s Strategic Plan.

  Peter Stark has also participated on a number of regional committees including those for transportation, urbanization and growth. He is currently the President of the Hillside Neighborhood Association and Chairs the Cornell Road Sustainability Coalition, a committee he formed which represents four northwest neighborhood associations through collaboration with the Portland Bicycle Transportation Alliance, the Forest Park Conservancy and the Portland Audubon Society.


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